Make Sound Decisions with Our Experienced Aviation Advisors

At first glance, purchasing a private aircraft might seem as straightforward as buying a new car. It’s an easy comparison to make, but one that’s lacking in nuance and subtlety. There’s a lot that goes into the purchase and ownership of a private aircraft. Without the right advice and guidance, you might find that the jet you end up with doesn’t meet your needs.


That’s why the aviation advisors at Paradise Jets are here for you. As industry experts, we facilitate every step of the aircraft purchasing and ownership process. After all, when you’re already making dozens of decisions every day, doesn’t it make sense to delegate some of them to a trusted partner?

A Full-Service Aviation Advisement and Consultation Firm

At Paradise Jets, we rely on a team of passionate and experienced professionals to assist our clients in making wise purchasing and investment decisions. We’re a full-service firm, offering a myriad of services, including:

  • Aircraft procurement 
  • Crew budgets 
  • Tax guidance and shelters 
  • Lease options 
  • Realistic charter expectations 
  • Historical direct and indirect cost of aircraft ownership 
  • Building a comprehensive flight department 
  • 135 charter certification guidance 
  • Expert testimony in legal matters 
  • New or upgrading aircraft considerations 

Unless you’ve got an extensive background in the world of private aviation, purchasing an aircraft or chartering a jet might feel like uncharted territory. No one wants to risk a costly mistake, so it’s to your advantage to work with a team that has your best interests in mind.

Industry Experience in Even the Finest of Details

Owning and maintaining a private jet is so much more than parking the aircraft in a hangar. It’s selecting and hiring a crew, conducting financial and maintenance audits, chartering flights, and working with fixed-base operators. Our team of advisors and consultants can guide you through the process of how and when to use your private aircraft to benefit you the most.


Whether you’re just entertaining the idea of committing to a private jet, or you’re looking to optimize your flight operations, you can trust your partners at Paradise Jets. We use a fact-based, data-driven approach that addresses all of your needs and concerns. Our advisors have worked with high net-worth individuals and  public and private corporations for years and understand what services empower them the most.