Take the Guesswork Out of Aircraft Acquisition With Expert Help

When it comes to aircraft purchases and sales, there’s so much more to it than just the price tag. There’s maintenance and crew logs to audit, information about where and how the aircraft was stored, and a litany of other specifics that go into each and every decision. 


So whether you’re buying or selling a new or pre-owned aircraft, it’s always advantageous to work with a skilled professional to help you sort through the minutia to help you get the most out of each aircraft. Paradise Jets uses years of experience, real-world expertise, and a data-driven approach to inform all of our work. How can we serve you?

Aircraft Acquisition and Sales Using Proven Tactics

Before you commit to an action plan for your aircraft, work with our professional aviation advisors first. As a full-service firm with a detailed background in both the aviation industry and the field of law, we have what it takes to assist you. What sets our work apart?

  • We are a team of attorneys, CPAs, and professionals working for you. 
  • Make use of our aggressive procurement and marketing plans.
  • Develop detailed crew and maintenance budgets.
  • Navigate tax guidance and shelters.
  • Take advantage of leasing and fractional ownership options.

From surface-level details like cabin size and luggage capacity to fine details like using the right broker and find the right tax options, our team of aviation advisors are here for you.

Unbiased, Goal-Driven Aviation Professionals

Buying and selling an aircraft can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. When it’s time to make a smart financial decision about your current or future aircraft, work with a team of consultants who know the industry and market inside and out. 


Our work is designed to optimize your investments, ensuring that every decision you make meets your financial goals and expectations. Connect with our aviation advisors today to schedule an appointment.