About Us


Jamie was born in Dayton, Ohio and started his aviation career when he was a teenager working the ramp at the local airport as a line technician. He began studying to become a professional pilot when he was 20 years old and rapidly gained the multiple pilot licenses required to fly professionally. He also gained a management degree from Wright State University and an airway science, professional pilot track, degree from Sinclair College. Jamie also found a passion for the business side of aviation, successfully managing his first aircraft transaction at 22 years old. The idea of flying, managing aircraft operations while also buying and selling aircraft came naturally for him. 

By the time Jamie was 25, he had started his own business, dedicated to the management of aircraft, aircraft transactions, and charter. He has a unique fascination for trying to find the truth. This fascination caused him to focus on the reliability, economics and the safety of jet operations while debunking misinformation that often reaches aviation consumers. Jamie found that not all pilots, mechanics and fellow operating managers were created equal. Thus, he has dedicated his career to educating clients through data, research, and first-hand experiences while also providing outstanding customer service. 

Now, after nearly 20 years of professional flying, multiple aircraft transactions, and conducted multiple flight safety audits, Jamie enjoys all the intricacies of aircraft operations and business dealings. These experiences have led him to become a highly sought after aviation subject matter expert. Providing expert, factual advice, he supports and collaborates with companies, individuals, and colleagues to assure their aviation success. 

Jamie enjoys the outdoors, cars, movies, dogs, reading, motorsports and traveling. Anything that involves learning he enjoys, always with a hunger for the truth. When he is not working, you can find him with his wife and family of one daughter and two dogs, with the hopes of more children in the future. 


Rob was born in Centralia, IL and moved to Sierra Vista, AZ while still in elementary school. He started his aviation career in 1980 enlisting in the Army as a Chinook helicopter mechanic. Rob progressed in his career by volunteering to serve as a crew chief and eventually as a flight engineer.

After twelve years of service, Rob left the Army, earned his airframe and powerplant license and went to work for a large certified repair station. Rob fell in love with working on business jets of all kinds. He worked his way into various leadership position eventually serving as Service Manager and Shop Supervisor at OEM owned service centers. With over 25 years of experience in aircraft maintenance, Rob’s passion is taking care of customers, building teams and improving shop efficiency and profitability.

A few years ago, Rob went back to school and is close to completing a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He plans to continue on and earn a master’s degree and eventually may even teach once he retires. Rob enjoys the aviation community and culture and sees teaching as a way to give back to the aviation community. Rob is married and together they have three sons. He enjoys spending time with his family, cooking and baking, and playing the trumpet around his very busy schedule.


Jerry has had a varied career in both sales and marketing, as well as aviation.  Before entering into aviation, Jerry worked in the television news industry as a news photojournalist, field producer, and on-air field reporter for CBS and NBC news stations in Austin, TX, for nearly 13 years. 

This fast-paced, deadline intensive industry provided a great foundation of working with a variety of different personalities to achieve an objective under pressure and ever-changing variables. 

Jerry has also been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, owning or partnering with small to medium-sized businesses ranging from real estate investment groups to video production companies. He has generally focused his attention on marketing, sales, customer experience, and customer retention. 

Jerry has had a lifelong goal of flying in some capacity, and in 2007 made the career decision to fly professionally.  He has had a very diverse aviation journey, which allows him to have a unique perspective of different aviation verticals.  He has been a corporate pilot, an airline pilot for a subsidiary of Delta Airlines, a 135-charter pilot, 121 airline pilot for a small start-up airline, contract pilot, flight instructor, as well as a part 91 pilot for Paradise Jets. 

Along this journey, Jerry still manages and owns his own successful video production company and a small, boutique marketing company in Austin, TX as well as additional corporate marketing duties.  Has served as a co-marketing director and pilot for a $300 million construction company, spearheading an unprecedented growth campaign.  Jerry was even significantly involved in the marketing division of Endeavor Air, a wholly own airline of Delta airlines.  Currently his focus is serving as marketing director for Paradise Jets, positioning PJ as a true market disrupter in aircraft management, acquisitions and charter. 

Jerry's passion is to assist in growing companies with exceptional potential while leveraging all sales and marketing opportunities for substantial, sustaining growth.  

Jerry has been married for 20 years and has three wonderful daughters. When time allows, you can find Jerry behind a drum set or volunteering his time at his local church.  He is also a nationally recognized drone subject matter expert and instructor, often teaching or speaking about the safe use of drones in our national airspace.